About Us

We are a Bank incorporated in 1991 under the law of Barbados, a 100% Banco de Occidente subsidiary, with an international license that allows us to provide financial services to individuals and companies not residing in Barbados..


Our mission is: To be an off-shore bank committed to building long-term relationships with our customers that allow us to satisfy their financial needs and be a complement to their international business while seeking maximum profitability for our shareholders and the comprehensive development of our staff, within the highest ethical values, quality in the processes and the use of the most appropriate technology.







History of Ocidental Bank Barbados

Occidental Bank (Barbados) Ltd. was incorporated on May 16th, 1991, under Union Bank (Barbados) Ltd., with its primary domicile on the Island of Barbados. Its shareholder was Banco Unión Colombiano, incorporated on December 14th, 1976, with its leading domicile at Santa Fe de Bogotá.

Banco Unión Colombiano started as a branch of the Royal Bank of Canada, and after 50 years, it became a mixed bank as Banco Royal Colombiano. In 1988, Colombian investors bought their participation from foreign partners and adopted the name of Banco Unión Colombiano.

On October 2nd, 2006, Banco de Occidente bought Banco Union Colombiano and its subsidiary Union Bank (Barbados) Ltd.

On February 22nd, 2008, the Banco de Occidente subsidiary changed its legal name from Union Bank (Barbados) Ltd. to Occidental Bank (Barbados) Ltd.

Loyalty and Honesty

Being consistent with the policies and guidelines that regulate all activities carried out by the Bank, acting with transparency, honesty, responsibility, and professionalism. “Nothing is as valuable as being able to look at our fellows with your head held high, clarity and honor every single day."

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the center of all employees' work and personal effort. "Serving is our essence; good deeds reap the rewards."

Commitment to results

Commitment to results is a positive attitude of doing things well, adequately responding to the expectations created by shareholders, senior managers, clients, and the community in general.


Teamwork promotes our people's sense of belonging, participation, and comprehensive development. "The painter who completed the painting did not work alone, and there was a team of colors working for him."

Flexibility and adaptation to change

To value flexibility and the ability to face change. "Humanity consists of three types of individuals: those who are immutable, those who can change, and those who change."

Sense of belonging.

Commitment and spontaneous responsibility are the essential ingredients to be part of the solution.