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About Us


Bank incorporated in 1991 pursuant to the law of Barbados, 100% affiliate of Banco de Occidente, with international license which allow us to render financial services to natural and juridical persons non resident in Barbados.


To be an Off-Shore bank committed with our clients to build long-term relationships in order to satisfy their financial needs and supplement their international business, seeking the most profitability for its shareholders and integral development of its human team, within the highest ethical values, quality in the respective processes and using the most appropriate technology

  • Loyalty and honesty

    To be consistent with the policies and rules governing all the activities developed by the Bank, acting on the basis of transparency, straightness, responsibility and professionalism. “Nothing is more valuable than to be able to look at our fellows every day with our heads held high, a clear look and our honor intact “.

  • Client satisfaction

    Client satisfaction is the center of the labor and personal efforts of all the employees. “To serve is our essence, good deeds are the basis to harvest good fruits“.

  • Commitment with results

    Commitment with results is a positive attitude for doing things well, responding properly towards the expectations of the Shareholders, Directors, Clients and overall Community.

  • Team work

    Team work is to promote the sense of belonging, as well as the integral involvement and development of the human beings. “The painter did not work alone in order to finish his picture. There was a color team working for him“.

  • Flexibility and adaptation to change

    To assess the flexibility and capability in order to face change. “Humanity consists of three types of individuals: the unchangeable, the ones that may change and the ones that change“.

  • Sense of belonging

    Spontaneous commitment and responsibility are essential ingredients in order to be part of the solution.

  • Total quality

    Seeking Total Quality is a life style. “The best is not who does things well, is the one who does things best“.


AAA Rating granted by BRC Investor Services S.A. – Rating Agency:

  • Long Term: AAA
  • Short Term: BRC1+