Clearing Accounts

These are accounts for Colombian individuals or legal entities that handle operations in US dollars or euros, the nature of which requires that they must be carried out through the foreign exchange market and be registered with Banco de la Republica de Colombia.

Operations that must be carried out through Clearing Accounts

  • Imports.
  • Exports.
  • External debt.
  • Foreign investment in Colombia (direct and portfolio).
  • Colombian investment abroad.
  • Financial investments.
  • Endorsements and Guarantees.
  • Future transactions.






  • Bank accounts in dollars or euros.

  • Initial deposit and minimum balance: US$10,000

  • The returns generated are tax-exempt in Barbados.

  • Balances are available through electronic transfers in any currency.

  • Electronic transfers through our Website.

  • Online consultations and electronic statements.

  • Monthly physical account statement.

  • Receive transfers for any amount free of charge.
  • Unlimited deposits per month.
  • Consignment of North American checks free of charge.

  • Through electronic transfers.
  • Unlimited withdrawals per month.