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 About Barbados


  • Barbados is one of the most politically stable countries in the Caribbean Region, with good governance standards in the public sector, strong institutions, and the highest income per capita in the region.
  • GDP per capita US$13.235.
  • On December, 2012 the population totalled 276.815.
  • Stable legislation which ensures the development of efficient and professional services in the International Business sector.
  • Country member of the Common Wealth, CARICOM, ONU, OEA and AEC.
  • The United Nations Development Program rated Barbados first place in the Caribbean Region, and third place in the American Region after Canada and U.S.A. in human development.
  • It has never been on the black lists of financial institutions.
  • The Central Bank of Barbados (CBB) established a fixed exchange rate system of Bd$2: US $ 1 since 1975.
  • Source: Central Bank of Barbados, Ministry of Finance, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), November, 2013